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At Smart Nodo, we don’t believe in being just another web design company. We believe that your website is the extension of your brand story that communicates the tone of your online presence. Excellent web design pushes boundaries, and provides users with an immersive digital experience. Our designers dive deep into your industry and your brand’s aesthetic. Our collaborative process engages you and your team every step of the way, ensuring that your new site is something that truly represents you and your business, while also achieving your brand goals.


UI/UX Design

Responsive Design

App Design

Creative Direction

Creative process.



Our design process begins with understanding your brand, needs, business objectives, and goals for your website/app, and developing an appropriate project plan and timeline.



We conduct extensive research on your industry, competitors, audience, and interview internal stakeholders to build a custom design and strategy.



We develop a sitemap and wireframes of your project. This helps us define the key features, functionalities and structure of your new website/app and allows us to think about the design.



Working collaboratively with your team, we determine what content is necessary and useful for your website, as well as where it should be placed for maximum impact.



We design the graphic and visual elements necessary to bring your website/app to life.

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